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Free Pop3 / IMAP / SMTP Emails

The Post Office Protocol (Pop3) allows computers to retrieve messages from mailboxes on mail servers. This can be done via email clients or via webbased pop3 readers. Since The POP3 protocol does not support multi-mailbox accounts, it is a better choice to find an imap service. IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) is more sophisticated than the Post Office Protocol (POP3) protocol. Messages can be archived in folders, mailboxes can be shared, and a user can access multiple mail servers. There is also better integration with MIME, which is used to attach files. On this page you will get the list af free pop3, free imap and free smtp service providers available worldwide! Meanwhile SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers route SMTP messages throughout the Internet to a mail server, such as POP3 or IMAP4, which provides a message store for incoming mail. You can find more info about these services and terms on F.A.Q page and through the forum. While you are browsing through the pages, please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason you have. To have up-to-date listing please inform me broken/dead links and new services you come across on the net :)

AIM Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
Unlimited yes
Get free email account with unlimited storage powered by AOL. They can transfer your messages and address book from your old email account automatically and notifies all your friends of your new email address. They can keep forwarding your email to your old email address if desired.

FastMail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?

One of the most popular free imap service provider. They offer free 10Mb mailbox for every user with 40Mb badwith limit per month. They offer multiple domain options, antivirus and spam protection for your new email identity. Your account would be closed after 45 days of inactivity! You can collect your mail messages from other pop accounts and hotmail account as well.

FreeMail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
5 Mb    

This free pop3 email service is from Macedonia and site is in Macedonian.

FreePop3 Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
20 Mb provides free POP3 email accounts with webmail access. As the name suggests, this service is completely free of charge. They offer 20Mb of space to all their customers and sign ups are quick and easy. They also provide completely free anti-spam and anti-virus protection as an added bonus.

Gawab Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
15 Mb  

They offer free email server services for webmasters also. So if you have your own domain name you can even set up a free email service under your own domain name. But this time the email quote for each users will be 4 Mb/mailbox instead of 15Mb! Anyway, it is a good deal for free! Multilingual service mainly offers English and Arabic mailboxes but they support 15 languages including Albanian, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. If you choose their webbased accessible only service, your quote will be 1GB!

GMX Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
1 Gb
This Germany based site offers free email service with free pop3 access. The free email service offers 1 GB storag, 5 email address from different countries and two funny email address to be used at once directing to the same inbox. Attachment limit is 20Mb per message.

Gmail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
6,5+ Gb  yes
Free email service with POP3, SMTP, and web access from Google. Without any doubt one of the best on market today. They have very nice tutorial about how to set up your email clients and even some wireless devices including BlackBerry and iPhone. The storage limit is increasing day by day.

InMail24 Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
100 Mb
Free pop3, free imap and free webbased email service provider with built-in anti-virus system. They offer free photo album service also.

HotPop Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
100 Mb   yes
Free POP3 accessible email and forwarding mail account! You can forward your mail to up to three addresses, and by user-defined filters you can stop spam and other undesirable mail before it ever gets to your mailbox. They have strict anti-popup policy, so you will not see any pop-up windows even you use web-based interface.
Domain Alternatives :

ICMail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
1 Gb  yes
Free email service with 1 Gb storage, free pop3, free smtp, free email redirection and more. They also offer unlimited aliases, free subdomains email address & free blogs (ie: and, free calendar and free file fharing, free photos sharing (as, send an entry or photo to a blog via email from anywhere. Multi language support - English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish.

InBox Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
5 Gb  
Free email service with free pop3 and free smtp support. Webbased access is also included. To set up your favorite email client, there is a support page here. They are trying to be your start page portal by offering more than free email service. When you sign up you will access free news, games, ecards, and photos section also.

Lavabit Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
1 Gb  
They offer upto 1 GB free email for personal use. They have many filters and gray, white and black list services to reduce spam in your inbox. They have some tutorials about how to configure your email client here.

LPEmail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
10 Mb    
You receive 10 megabytes (MB) of storage space. You can send messages up to 1 MB each, including attachments. This free email service is add-free and supported by voluntary donations.

Mail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
10+ Mb  
They offer free pop3 email and free smtp service. Site is in Russian. They have multi- choice domains to choose your new identity. For their free smtp service, SMTP authentication is required. The service now has no limit for the user space, as soon as one gets close (within ~10Mb) to the initial 25Mb volume - there is an option to add the next 25Mb chunk and so on! Works with/without cookies. Security features include access from one IP only, prevental of password bruteforcing.
Domain Alternatives :

Mail15 Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
15 Mb  
They offer free pop3 email and free smtp service (smtp authenticaiton required). The service can also be run in either English or Russian and is apparently powered by but this does not seem to be the case by the looks of the interface which seems to be totally individual and very well laid out. You can not send html emails at present, but it seems that you can read them.

Mailarge Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
3 Gb  
Formerly known as LargeHotmail. Registration can take from 12-24 hours or less! Anyone who has an account with mailarge must participate in the forum. This means to play an active role on the forum at least once a week or more, and failure to comply could mean your account to be disable!

Mighty Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
10 Mb    

Their service allows you to create a free pop3 and/or webbased email account that reflects your personality!

Safe-Mail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
3 Mb    

3 Mb free space for your free IMAP account. More space and functionality is supplied under Premium Packages. There are no advertisements, downloads or cookies. Safe-mail supports most hardware platforms and any operating system. Includes file storage, spam filters and anti virus protection. Full compatibility with most browsers, email clients and all relevant protocols including POP, SMTP, IMAP, S/MIME and PKI.

SpicyJJ Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
5 Mb    
It is a web based and ad free but you can use pop if you make note of which is also where the interface is based and all accounts do require full address login and a login page along with information about setting up the accounts can be found at their site. A word of warning though, you do have to email someone and the account is set up manually so the account will not be available immediately the basic account size is 5mb but premium account size upgrades are available which prices are available on request.

VFEmail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
50 Mb yes
Virus Free Email(VFEmail) provides businesses and end-users a quick and convenient way to ensure their own security when it comes to email. It scans each complete email, including attachments, for viruses (and spam too!) before it gets to your inbox. They provide built-in HTML, MS Word, and MS Excel document viewers. It will also recognize your mobile device and automatically display a 'mobile' version of webmail when you login.