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Free Email Redirection

Free email redirection sites let you choose a permanent email address, and all mail sent to that address is forwarded to your currently active email provider. If you ever change providers, you only have to update your forwarding information at these "name-only" sites.. You can find more info about these services and terms on F.A.Q page and through the forum. While you are browsing through the pages, please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason you have. To have up-to-date listing please inform me broken/dead links and new services you come across on the net :)

4warding Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
It is a free email redirection service. It can even block some of the spams received easily. They have multi domain alternatives to choose from.

Domain Alternatives :

Aggies Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
It is a free email redirection service mainly for students and clubs. They offer many cool alternatives for your new email identity.
Domain Alternatives:

BroadCast Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?

They offer free alias e-mail accounts to broadcasters and broadcast industry related individuals. Alias means that it is a valid address where you can receive E-Mail, through automatic forwarding to your existing personal E-Mail account with your present provider. strange but if you change your real email provider in future and try to update new email target, they will charge you 10$ though:(

DiaryLand Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?

DiaryLand is a place where you can get your own online diary, that you can update super-easily just using your web browser! They also provides you a free email redirection account.

E4ward Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?

Free email redirection service focusing on eleminating spam messages for your mailbox by allowing you to create aliases for each of your contacts.

EndJunk Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?

Never give out your real email address, instead use where anything is a key word you choose to remind you of to whom you are giving this address and UserName is your UserName. If you begin to receive junk email, simply note the address it is being sent to (which can be found in the emails "To:" line). Then, login to your account and apply filters to that particular address. Voila!... You are done.

Gmail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
6,5+ Gb  yes
Free email service with POP3, SMTP, and web access from Google. Without any doubt one of the best on market today. They have very nice tutorial about how to set up your email clients and even some wireless devices including BlackBerry and iPhone. The storage limit is increasing day by day.

HotPop Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
100 Mb   yes
Free POP3 accessible email and forwarding mail account! You can forward your mail to up to three addresses, and by user-defined filters you can stop spam and other undesirable mail before it ever gets to your mailbox. They have strict anti-popup policy, so you will not see any pop-up windows even you use web-based interface.
Domain Alternatives :

SingMail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
Free email redirection service limited to residents of Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Thailand.

Sneakemail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?

Sneakemail is a free service that you can use to generate disposable email addresses. These "sneak email" addresses are aliases of your real address, which is kept hidden. You can enter these Sneakemail addresses into web forms or use them to contact e-businesses without the risk of your real address being abused or bought and sold.

VFEmail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
15 Mb yes
Virus Free Email(VFEmail) provides businesses and end-users a quick and convenient way to ensure their own security when it comes to email. It scans each complete email, including attachments, for viruses (and spam too!) before it gets to your inbox. They provide built-in HTML, MS Word, and MS Excel document viewers.