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Free Webbased Email Services

After you register for a free webbased email account , you have the power to access and manage your e-mail from anywhere (connected to internet) by simply using a web browser, no matter where you are or what device you are using. This is a completely cross-platform and universal solution. That makes it easy to stay in touch with friends, family and business contacts, regardless of your location. There are over thousands of free webbased email service providers around with thousand of domain alternatives to you. Since most of them provided by free email servers, you will see that many features of these providers are identical. In general when you sign up you will get following options; Address book, folder management, mail filters, attachments support, fixed storage space, search facility, etc. Since there are may similar services around I classified them alphabetically. You can browse using the letters below or using the left menu box. While you are browsing through the pages, please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason you have. To have up-to-date listing please inform me broken/dead links and new services you come across on the net :)

Address Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
? Mb      yes
Free ISP and free email service provider. Beware that they downloads browser-regulation softwares to your computer!

Amuro Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
? Mb      
Free email service powered by OutBlaze.

Ananzi Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
10 Mb    
A free email service comes from South Africa. Its storage space and pop accessibility options are better than average.

Anonymous Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
4 Mb      
For privacy seekers! It is powered by BigMailBox but you can find interesting tips about anonymous remailers and anonymous mail posting from their site.

Any-Mail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
10 Mb

Their service is only available to over 18's. They are UK Web Portals, providing an easy way to search for information on the Web. is their free e-mail service, making use of over 18,000 domain names (mainly villages, surnames and generic names) to provide a personalised service to their users. Be warned: The provider doesn't seem to be answering emails regarding the website or system,but mostly everything can be configured and checked yourself!

Arabia Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
10 Mb      
Arabic and English available. With Arabic oriented multi domain options, you can set up more than one account.
Domain Alternatives :

Asean-Mail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
6 Mb      
Powered by Everyone.

AtGratis Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
6 Mb      
A 7metasearch service powered by Everyone.

Australia Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
4 Mb      
An Australian site dedicated to education.

Ayna Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
4 Mb      
Multilingual service. Arabic, English, German, French and Spanish interfaces are available.

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